Thursday, January 28, 2016

Endlessly Beautiful by Jamie McGuire

Are you a fan of Beautiful Disaster? Well guess what?! Author Jamie McGuire is writing the continuation of Travis and Abby's story! YAY!!! We get more TRAVIS MADDOX! But wait, it gets even better.....

 Endlessly Beautiful is FREE!!!
Yes, I said FREE!! How awesome is that!

Endlessly Beautiful is told from both Travis and Abby's points of view. It takes place right after Beautiful Disaster.
Jamie will be adding episodes to her website as they are written. Note this is just for fun so it is not proofed or edited and timelines are not researched like usual for her novels.  

Endlessly Beautiful is also translated into Spanish, German, Czech, Italian, French, and Portuguese and available to read for free on her website.

* History *

January 2016
Endlessly Beautiful was created and added to Wattpad because Jamie loves her fans and she knows we want more so she is giving us more of Travis and Abby for FREE.

June 23, 2016
 Endlessly Beautiful was removed from Wattpad.
Message from Jamie 

**Please note that due to Wattpad's continuing support of piracy and illegal translations on their site, I no longer post stories to this page. Please join me to fight against piracy by reporting any piracy or illegal translations you see, and to demand that Wattpad stop allowing copyright infringement of your favorite authors. Any further additions to Endlessly Beautiful will be posted to my website blog:**


Check out her blog about piracy, 
publishers and Wattpad turning 
a blind eye to copyright infringement. 
It's a must read.
---> Click to Read <--- 

November 1, 2016

Endlessly Beautiful was added to it's new home on www.jamiemcguire.comYou can now read the complete Season One (Episodes 1-11) in English and all translations there

December 1, 2016

The first episode of Season Two was posted. Season Two starts with Episode 12.

Once the story is complete it will be published into paperback but that won't be for some time. It will not be available in Kindle form. You can either read it now from the website or buy the paperback once available.

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