Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Happy Anniversary Bella & Edward

Today is August 13 so you know what that means right?!?! Every Twilighter is celebrating the EPIC LOVE of Bella and Edward!! Why are we celebrating them today?! Because it's their Anniversary!!!

In Breaking Dawn, Bella and Edward get married on August 13, 2006. Of course the movie, Breaking Dawn: Part 1, didn't come out until 2011 so some might be confused into thinking it's their 3rd Anniversary which it's really their 8th!

If you're like me this day makes me want to either read the wedding scene from Breaking Dawn or watch the part in the movie. Hey! Why not do both right?! :)

Happy 8th Anniversary to Bella & Edward!!!

May your love continue to inspire us
and may we always keep the sparkle alive FOREVER.

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