Saturday, March 2, 2013

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Midnight Release

I went to Walmart last night for the Midnight DVD Release Party. They served cupcakes with Edward, Bella and Jacob rings on them. Plus when you purchased your DVD there you got a mini poster set of all 5 movie posters. Yay!!!! I was so happy because I called 3 Walmart's last night and they said they weren't doing anything. When I got there they had the posters so I was a happy Twilighter!

I picked up the Breaking Dawn Two Movie Set with the extended edition of Part 1 and the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Two Disc DVD!!

Today it's off to Barnes & Noble so I can get another copy that comes with a free

framed picture or Edward & Bella from Part 2. This will match the picture I got last year from F.Y.E. of them in Part 1.

After that it's off to Best Buy to check out the Twilight Saga Boxed Set. Not sure if I will get that yet or wait and see if another one comes out later. The website didn't show a very pretty box like the UK got. I want their's! LOL

Hopefully the mail will arrive today with my Target 3-disc set and poster! I can't wait to see that!!

There are so many DVDs I have to have them all. LOL #KeepintheSparkleAlive


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