Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sparkliest GiftAway

I have ONE more surprise up my sleeve. This is a challenge for you .... should you choose to accept it. 

If YOU entered in AT LEAST FOUR WAYS in the Birthday Giveaway and can provide me with your four or five numbers in each of those drawings you will be entered into a Grand GiftAway!!!

There are soooooo many entries and it is far too much for me to see if each of your entered at least four ways. This is why it's your challenge. :)

To be entered into the Grand Giftaway: Please comment on the Sparkliest GiftAway event on Facebook with your name and your four - five numbers. 

NOTE: You must have a number for at least four enteries in order to be entered. In order to find your numbers check the notes. (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Blog

If for some reason you believe you did enter and I have missed your name and number please Facebook message or email me at and I will check. With five drawings and hundreds of entries it is possible one slipped passed my notice. Sorry!!

You will have until 10pm (EST) on Wednesday, May 9th to comment. 

I will then take all names who comment and put them into another drawing for the Grand Giftaway Winner.

Good luck and Happy Number Hunting!!!

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