Friday, May 4, 2012

Birthday Giveaway Prize

As you know I am hosting a giveaway in celebration of my birthday which is on Sunday, May 6th. There are FIVE WAYS that you can enter the giveaway.

1. Comment on the Birthday Giveaway Blog

2. Comment on the Event Wall on the Twilighters Dream FB Page

3. Tweet @lmhadley I want to enter the #birthdaygiveaway

4. Like the Birthday Giveaway Pin on Pinterest

5. Like the Birthday Giveaway Post on Tumblr

Each way that you enter the giveaway will increase your chances of winning a prize. What is the prize you might be asking yourself?!

In true Alice fashion I always have something special planned... 

Everyone who enters the Birthday Giveaway will be entered into a drawing where 5 WINNERS will be chosen!!!

Each of the 5 WINNERS will win a prize pack as seen pictured below:

The prize pack includes a BRAND NEW set of The Twilight Journals and a Heart-Shaped Jar of Twilight Sand which I love to call "A Little Piece of La Push".

Each jar includes Authentic Twilight Sand that I collected from two different beaches in the Pacific Northwest. 

First Beach, La Push, Wa

The first kind I collected from the real First Beach in La Push, Washington and the other is from Indian Beach, Oregon which is the movie version of La Push where the "First Beach" scenes were filmed.

I hope that you are as excited about the prizes as I am!!! So hurry up and enter the giveaway in as many ways as you can. You have until Sunday to enter and I will be choosing the winners later that day. Time to be determined.... I have to find out with my birthday party plans are before I can announce that!! hehe

Good Luck and Thank you for celebrating with me!! :)

Twilighters Dream

For more details on the Birthday Giveaway be sure to read the blog.


  1. Oh WOW I want some sand!!!!! PLEASE


  3. Omg I want these sooo sooo badly. I have chronic anxiety and agoraphobia so I can't go to First Beach and I've wanted the journals for ages so can I enter please? Thank you! :)


    1. You can find my name as Michelle Lightly-ish on the group and on a comment on the event wall :)

  4. Awesome, I want to win!!! Happy Birthday :)

  5. donna midnightsun!!!!May 4, 2012 at 8:00 PM

    happy birthday girl,and as aways have twi-brithday,lol

  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday....Amazing awesome the Twilight Journals.....Hope you have a wonderful Birthday and when you blow out your candles your bithday wish comes true. Already commented above but forgot to say who I was.

  8. I've included all the comments on this blog that appear aboe my comment here into the Birthday Giveaway!! All other comments after this one please comment on the giveaway blog. I'll be checking that one and assigning numbers. Thank you!! :)