Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Twilight Party: Bella Cake and Tulips

A Twilight Party wouldn't be complete
without a Cake and Flowers!

My two favorite handmade decorations that I made for my Twilight Party was a replica of Bella's Birthday Cake and the Red and White Tulips from New Moon.

To make my red and white tulips, I went to Jo Ann Fabrics but you can go to any craft store or place that sells silk flowers to buy yours. You just need to get white silk tulips and a red fabric paint pen.

I wanted a full bouquet so I bought several bushels of the tulips. I was lucky to get them on sale so plan ahead and watch the ads to find out when the flowers will go on sale as silks can be pricey.

The first thing that you want to do is lay out a towel on the table and place the tulips on the towel. Next use the red paint pen and draw a line down the center of EACH petal. I went slow and let the paint absorb into the fabric so that it had the bleed look and didn't just look like a line down the center. Continue to paint each petal until all the petals have been painted.

Once the petals are dry place the bushels into a glass vase. I tied a black silk ribbon around the base for an added touch. You can use red satin ribbon if you'd like to continue the Twilight theme since red is for Eclipse. However I used black since the tulips were red and white. This way they were very twi-colored - red, black and white.

For Bella’s Birthday Cake, I wanted to make the most perfect replica that I could. I've seen a lot of other ones out there most of which were real cakes but I was determined to make mine spectacular.

Since I am NOT a baker and I wanted to make a keepsake, I made my cake a craft project that was not edible. This could be something to keep and cherish forever just like a vampire! :)

My project started with another trip to the craft store, in my case Jo Ann Fabrics. I bought three different sizes of round cardboard hat boxes, white spray paint, 5 different colors of satin ribbon in shades of yellow and green, silver spray paint, wooden letters that spelled out "BELLA", red, yellow and green silk gerber daisies, brown fabric paint, and hot glue and tacky glue.

The first thing that I did was to use the white spray paint to cover the hat boxes. I used about 2 coats of paint to make a beautiful glossy white finish. While the boxes were drying, I used the silver spray paint to color the letters to spell out "BELLA". I let both dry over night.


Once all letters and boxes were dry I stacked them on top of each other to make sure that the "cake" would look great and like an actual cake. Not just a cake in my mind since I had dreamed up my Bella Cake. I was happy to see that it did look like one.

The "cake" at this point passed my inspection so it went on to the decorating stage.

Next I individually cut strips of the green and yellow satin ribbon to be the perfect length for each tier of the cake. Once all the ribbons had been cut, I individually glued each strip on to the boxes at different intervals to match the pattern and design that was on Bella's cake.

This process took HOURS and HOURS. I did each strip by hand and made sure that it was not only perfectly glued but looked most like the real cake. I had a picture of the cake in front of me as I worked. Once all the strips of ribbon were glued on each tier of the cake I let them dry overnight.

Once the cake tiers were dried, I cut off the excess ribbon from the bottom of each. The next step was to put the "cake" together.

I used tacky glue around the rim of each and stacked them on top of each other. I let them dry over night again to ensure that the cake would stay together.

The final step in making my Bella cake was to attach the "BELLA" letters to the top and the flowers.

Since the red daisies on Bella's cake had brown centers and the ones that I found had yellow I had to paint them. I used a Q-Tip and my brown fabric paint that I bought to dab brown paint over the yellow to make the centers dark. While they were drying I cut the stems from the green and yellow daises.

I looked at the picture of Bella's cake and placed the flowers in the correct place. I then used the hot glue gun to glue the flowers down. Once the red daises had dried I hot glued them down as well.

The finishing touch was to add the letters! :) Using the hot glue gun, I individually glued each letter to the top of the cake. Once the letters were attached the cake was done. :)

I stepped back to look at the finished cake for the first time and I was proud of what I had created. I had never seen a more perfect replica of it. Yes, it was not edible but it was perfect in every way.

This was not only a great replica of Bella's cake but it was a twi-tastic keepsake that could be savored for years and years. Well that's what I think anyways. I will let you be the judge.

What do you think of my Bella Cake?

 Isn't it the perfect addition to any Twilight Party?! :)

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  1. Thank you for this idea!!! I'm going to do it for the wedding cake. I know we have no clue what it looks like yet but I'll have to use Twilight touches. I loved your birthday cake. It's perfect. *said like Edward when he saw Bella for the first time before Prom*

  2. This is absolutely beautiful!!! Great job!!

  3. After seeing the picture Our Twilight Corner put up I decided I have to make myself one! She told me you had this tutorial on your blog so I had to search it out! Now I just have to go buy the stuff and I am gonna make me one! You have inspired me with your beautiful creations!