Saturday, October 6, 2018

A Twilight Fan's Dream Come True

In August, the house in St. Helens, Oregon that was used during the filming of Twilight as Charlie and Bella Swan's home was put up for sale. Twilight fans all around, including myself, dreamed of buying and owning this home. The owners who owned the home during the filming kept the house and all the rooms the same as it was during filming. Squee!!

Could you imagine sitting at the dining room table where Charlie and Edward sat waiting for Bella?

What about hanging out in YOUR room just watching TV on your bed in the same room that was Bella's and looking at the window that Edward would crawl through and spend the night with her? Eep!!! 

Sounds amazing right!! Well shortly after the house was listed for sale.... IT SOLD!!! I am SUPER EXCITED to say that a Twilight fan and her husband BOUGHT THE HOUSE!!! 

Congratulations to the proud new owners of the Swan House!!!
What a dream come true for this Twilighter!!

She has created a Facebook page and an Instagram account where she will be sharing pictures of their journey and adventure in their new home.

Movie screenshot mash up! Totally nailed it! :)

So far the pictures and video that she has shared makes my twi-heart soooooo happy and full!!! I am so incredibly happy that a Twilight fan has bought the home and will be preserving this piece of Forever. It's truly a gorgeous home and I will forever think of it as Charlie's house!

*Update* You can now stay at The Twilight Swan House!!! The owners have opened up the house on AirB&B to give fans the opportunity to stay at the house!!! How cool is that!! Check it out and book your next twi-adventure to St. Helen's, Oregon to do some Twilighting at the filming locations and stay at the Swan House!! Squee!! 

Twilight Swan House on Airb&b

Go check out her page and FOLLOW "The Swan Home".

You can also sign up for their newsletter here.

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