Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Twilight Funko Pop

OME! Did you see the exciting news?

Funko Pop! is coming out with
Twilight Saga characters!

There are 9 Twilight Funkos in all that will be available next month in September 2016. Hopefully there will be more in the future. It would be awesome if they made the whole Cullen Family. I would even love a Jacob Wolf. How cute would that be! :)

Three of the Twilight Funkos will be exclusive to either Hot Topic, Barnes & Noble or New York Comic Con. 

The others are available for pre-order at various websites online. I ordered mine from Entertainment Earth


*Sparkly* Edward Cullen #320
  (Hot Topic Exclusive)

*Golden Eyes* Edward Cullen #320
  (Barnes 'n Noble Exclusive)

Edward Cullen #320

Bella Swan #321

Jacob Black #322

Bella "Wedding Dress" #323

Edward "Tuxedo" Wedding #324

Jane *Without Hood* #325

Jane *With Hood* #326
   (New York Comic Con Exclusive)

How many do you plan to collect and add to your collection? It's hard to choose just one right?! Don't make me choose!

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