Monday, February 25, 2013

The Host Movie Screening & Book Signing

I just posted my pictures from "The Host" Movie Pre-Screening in Miami and the Book Signing in Coral Gables on Facebook.

Here's some of my favorites!!! :)

We were the second group to get in line!

Iesha and Valarie made the trip with me from the West Coast!

We sat in the FRONT ROW! Right in front of Jake & Max!

Jake sat directly in front of me!

Stephenie was amazing! She is very nice, down to earth and friendly!

We got to sit in their seats for pictures!

Our group - East & West Coast Florida Girls!



We were the first group in line!

My invitation to Stephenie Meyer Day that I made for Stephenie!
I HOPE she can come! It would be truly amazing if she did.
She came to the very first SMD and now this is the 7th annual event!

Stephenie and I - My dream coming true!

Getting Max's autograph

8 hours in line was so worth it to meet Stephenie and get her autograph!

My Host Book Autographed by Stephenie, Max & Jake

My Twilight Book Autographed by Stephenie

This trip was truly a
Twilighters Dream Come True!

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