Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Twi-Shopping Online

WOOHOO!! I just did some online shopping...yes Christmas presents for myself!! I've been working hard so I deserve it!! ;)

I got the Original Score!! Yay!! I don't know how I missed that it was now for sale!!

I also got this mug where the image shows up when it's hot! FYE has carried them but I haven't been able to find a store that has them in stock.

I also got another set of Edward earrings!! I love my other ones that I have from Part 1 but I am excited to get the Cullen Crest dangles!! 

And my favorite purchase is the Boutique 9 Saffi Boots!!!! These are an alternative of the ones that Bella wears in Part 2. Whoop whoop!! 

My TWI-BFF from Our Twilight Corner has a pair and I wore them during the costume contest in Forks for Stephenie Meyer Day 2012.

They are super comfy and make a great addition to my Twilight collection!! I can't wait to get all these goodies in the mail! :)


  1. Thats awesome Lisa! Post pics when you get em! Cant wait to see!


  2. Cute Boots!!! I think I need to find those too!

  3. Well there goes half your Christmas gifts now! I guess I will keep them in Our Twilight Corner.. ha ha ;)