Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack

I went to Target tonight to pick up a twi-surprise to take to work tomorrow. While I was there I went to the electronics department to see if just maybe they had the Breaking Dawn Soundtrack out.  Guess what?!?! SCORE!!! They had it out for sale!!! And it was $9.99!! Whoop Whoop!!! I bought 2! LOL

I listened to the CD the entire ride home and I just love it. Since I’ve seen the Arm Wrestling clip on YouTube I laughed when the song came on. It reminded me of Forks and Arm Wrestling Emmett at Stephenie Meyer Day 2012. I have plans for that song so I can’t wait for some time off so I can work on that. That’s a little “something for you to look forward too!”

I absolutely love Nikki and Paul’s Song “All I Ever Needed”. It’s gorgeous heart felt and I can’t wait to hear it during the credit of the movie on Thursday. That’s right!! Nikki herself said during a Black Carpet interview during the Premiere in CA that the song would play during the credits.

Another song that I loved is Christina Perri’s remake of A Thousand Years!! She changed some of the words and listening to it on the drive home I had flashes of Edward and Bella through the years. I saw some of my very favorite moments from the Saga. It got me thinking that I wonder if this song will play during the ending that everyone is talking about. The cast and Bill Condon have said that there is a little tribute and special look back at all the movies that they think the fans will love. The song is beautiful and with the addition of Steve Kazee lending a male vocal it totally made me think of Edward and Bella singing.

I am looking forward to the movie and seeing where all the songs play. It is bittersweet and sad that this is the last soundtrack and that this is the last movie. However I am fondly enjoying every minute of it…. even if some tears are shed. The friendships and memories that I have made with other Twilighters will last a lifetime. 

Twilight will FOREVER be in Our Hearts!!!

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