Friday, October 26, 2012

Ellen's Twi Hard to Win

Are you a fan of the Ellen Show?? I AM!!! 

How would you like to win tickets to see the Twilight Cast?? I WOULD!!!

All you have to do is watch the Ellen Show and correctly answer 3 of the daily trivia questions to be entered to win tickets to see a taping of the show during Twilight Week!!!

WOOHOO!! It's Ellen's Twi Hard to Win!!

Watch the show daily and then answer the question on her website. Click Here 

Any week day I am home I will be watching and entering!! I would love to see the cast on Ellen!!! Could you imagine being there when they filmed something like this?!?!?


There's still plenty of shows left to watch!!! The Twi Hard to Win goes through November 1!

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