Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ready for SMD - Fit for Forks

Stephanie Meyer Day is THIS WEEKEND in Forks, WA!!! Yay!!! I am sooooooo unbelievably excited I cannot wait to fly to Portland, OR on Thursday!!! My Twi-BFF, Lynn, and her daughter Savanna from Our Twilight Corner will be picking me up at the airport and we will be heading straight to Forks!!!

This is our second time attending SMD. We went last year and had an EPIC time!!! This year will be even better because we have stayed in touch with some of the locals and those who are casts as the look a likes through Facebook. It totally feels like we are going back and hanging with friends!! I can't wait!!!

One of the best things about the weekend is all the events that the town puts on for those Twilighters coming from all over...and yes they come from ALL over. I myself am coming from Florida and I bet there is someone else coming from even further. 

Hanging out with other Twilighters and getting our SPARKLE ON is an awesome part of the weekend but what makes the weekend the most fun is PARTICIPATING in the events!! 

There will be a look a like/costume contest which Savanna and I will be entering. However the event that I am most looking forward to is the Arm Wrestling Match with Emmett CullenHe has challenged everyone and I myself love a challenge so I could not pass it up!!

For the past several months, I guess you could say I have been in training!!! I have been hitting the gym, working out and preparing for the thrown down!!!  :)

This weekend is the big match!! All the hard work and training has made me ready for this moment.

All I have to say to Emmett is:

You better watch out!!
I hope no sweet smelling
humans distract you
because you're going down!!
I'll see you Saturday on Spartan Avenue!!

Twilighters Dream is not affiliated with Forks, WA 
or Stephenie Meyer Day in anyway.
 I am just a fan who loves to have fun and will be
attending the annual event in September for the second time.

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