Monday, January 16, 2012

Review of Breathless and Deathless

I recently finished the books Breathless and Deathless, the first two books in the Blue Fire Saga, by Scott Prussing.

A friend asked me to give her a rough synopsis of the books. Without giving away too much about the actual story line, here is my rough synopsis:

A girl goes off to college in search of what happened to her brother who disappeared and told her not to look for him. She enrolls in a Vampire Science class and meets mysterious "good looking" guyS which become part of her life and introduce her to the world of supernatural. All the while she has a "normal" college experience with a quirky and fun best friend which is all mixed into a fantastic story full of surprises that you wouldn't expect. Why are these guys drawn to her? What is it about her? It's fun, surprising, addictive, a great love story and makes you think what can happen next even in a good way even when bad things keep happening.

I just ordered the third book, Helpless, and I cannot wait to receive it because I am so excited to see what happens to Leesa and what the future holds for her.

If you would like to order your own copy of these books visit the author's website at

You can also check them out on Facebook at Breathless Fampires!

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