Monday, May 16, 2011


We're all HUGE fans of the Hillywood Show so The TwiHard Diet has come up with a GREAT idea and is planning a fundraiser for them.

As you all know Breaking Dawn comes out in November and we KNOW they do the parodies and we also KNOW those parodies cost a LOT of money. SO they are doing this fundraiser to raise money for their Breaking Dawn parody!! They are going to put together a scrapbook!

--$5 donation, you get 1/4 of a scrapbook page. With your donation, you need to send in a picture or a note.

--$10 donation: you get 1/2 a page. Like the $5 donation, you send in a note and/or a picture of yourself or your hillywood shirt or whatever.

--$20 donation: you get a FULL PAGE! You may send in multiple pictures or notes or whatnot for the page.

--$30 donation: you get the FULL FRONT AND BACK of a page! Same guidelines apply as the $20 donation.

There is no limit to the amount of pages that can be in the scrapbook. They will make as many scrapbooks needed to include all the pictures, notes etc. so all donations will be included.  Donations can be made by check or cash and sent with your scrapbook items to Admin Brittany Clark 105 Horsetree Place Madison, AL 35757. She must receive all items by January 1, 2012. 

RULES: DO NOT send in anything Vulgar! (They know that you guys wouldn't dare do anything like that anyway, but they're covering all the bases!) If you only send in a donation for a 1/4 page and you send in more stuff than will fit on that page, they will send the leftovers back to you.

The TwiHard Diet will then present the scrapbook to Hilly and Hannah at the Gatlinburg Twilight Getaway in February 2012!!

The Note: It can include why you love the Hillywood Show, how they've impacted your Twilight Experience with their parodies, or just why you love them in general!! Have fun!

If you haven't seen The Hillywood Show: Twilight Parodies yet you need to check them out NOW! They're AWESOME!!! :)

For more details on donating to send in pictures for the Hillywood scrapbook email admin Britt at

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